Tim Yarbrough

Tim Yarbrough, APR

“Like most ministers of the Gospel, Pastor Kim Reeder finds joy and edification in every book of the Bible he reads. Galatians, however, holds a special place in Reeder’s heart, as it instructs the reader to the basics of the Christian faith and serves as guide on how to live godly lives by trusting in Jesus alone.

In “30 Days to Freedom: Meditations in Galatians,” Reeder applies his careful reading and study of Galatians to weave a tapestry of thoughtful devotions designed to help the reader encounter the Living God.

Reeder’s passionate writing style is inviting, stirring the reader to invest time to exploring truths found in Galatians on a daily basis.”

Tim Yarbrough, APR

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Clay Hallmark- Picture

Dr. Clay Hallmark

“Author Kim Reeder has done a fantastic job of making the book of Galatians come alive for the reader with 30 Days to Freedom: Meditations in Galatians. This book is theologically purposeful and practical for the reader. His methodology of approaching the material in the sections of “Discover, Define, and Develop” allow the reader to engage in the material in such as way as to transform his or her life as the words of Galatians grips one’s life. This is no ordinary devotion book. It is easy to read, easy to understand, and contains life changing application. I would recommend this book for every believer!”

Dr. Clay Hallmark

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Myriah Snyder

Myriah Snyder

“’30 Days to Freedom’ is clearly a passion project. Within the pages of this volume, the reader can see that Reeder is passionate about a clear understanding of the true Gospel and a correct application of that Gospel to the Christian walk. Reeder tackles issues such as good works role (rather lack of) in salvation, what repentance really is, true Christian freedom, and many, many more of the tough topics Galatians covers, all while bringing them home with personal anecdotes and relatable examples. ’30 Days to Freedom’ delivers big truths in small portions, dressed up nicely for the church today.”

Myriah Snyder

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Dr. Hershael York, Ph.D.

“Kim Reeder’s ’30 Days to Freedom: Meditations in Galatians’ checks off all the right boxes: biblical, readable, clear, devotional, enlightening, and challenging. This is the kind of book that pastors can lead their entire church through, small groups can read together, families can use for a devotional, or any Christian can study alone and find help for private struggles. What a great way to access this gospel-centered epistle!”

Hershael W. York, Ph.D.

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Ashley Ray Closeup

Dr. Ashley Ray, D. Min.

"Kim Reeder is a man of integrity pastoring in the real world.  His “30 Days to Freedom” from Galatians is practical, freeing theology explained in easy to understand terms.  Any believer would benefit greatly from taking this month-long journey.”

Ashley E. Ray, D. Min.

Senior Pastor
Ridgeway Baptist Church

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Pastor Fred Luter Jr.

"It is an honor for me to recommend this devotional '30 Days to Freedom.' Pastor Reeder has taken a New Testament book that a lot of believers avoid and makes it easy to read and understand regardless of your level of spiritual growth. Each devotion is broken down in easy to learn sections as well as recommend questions and a closing prayer to help apply what you have read that given day. I assure you as you spend daily time in this devotional you will truly experience what the author intended for each of us, 30 Days of Freedom!"

Pastor Fred Luter Jr.

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