30 Days to Freedom - It's on the way!

Stay tuned for a new devotional study by Kim Reeder from the book of Galatians

How do I impress God?

What can we add to our faith that will impress God?  Can we be good enough to tip the scales in our favor?  If God is a righteous judge, how can He declare us "not guily" when we are guilty of breaking His law?

Galatians is clear that the  justification we need before God is only through faith.

Which one is right?

Which religion will get us to God?  There are really only two types of religions.  All but one offer us a way to get to God.  Biblical Christianity shows us we have no ability to get to Him, so He came to us.

Resting in Grace

Every father has experienced a moment like I did with my children.  Mine are too big to do this with now.  I'll never forget though holding my babies up, looking into their eyes, and seeing their complete trust in my ability to keep them from falling.

When we come to Christ in salvation, we can have complete confidence in his ability to keep us in his grip.  In Galatians, Paul wants the church to know that there is nothing they must do aside from faith in Christ to keep themselves in the grip of God's grace.

Oh yes, they must live by the Spirit of God if they want to see a righteous harvest in their lives, but God doesn't need anything from them to keep them saved.  They did nothing to earn salvation, they can do nothing to keep themselves saved.

Come experience the joy of realizing you are completely free in Christ!